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We’re the experts in ERP and best of breed solutions, ensuring seamless integrations for your organization. Control, expertise, and cost efficiency in one place.

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The Best of Breed Integrations

Effortless Plug-and-Play Integrations for Infor CSI (SyteLine), Visual, and Your Third-Party Applications

“Efficiency is doing things right;
Effectiveness is doing the right things.”

-Peter Drucker

Our expertise ensures we have the deepest, most effective integrations possible, which ensures you have the time to focus on your priorities.

combined years experience with SyteLine

combined years experience integrating solutions

combined years experience with Salesforce

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Transform Your Business with HubKor

Faster data exchange for your company

HubKor Connector brings all your systems together in one interface, your ERP, making data analysis easier and faster. No more data silos.

Effortless data management

No more manual input across multiple solutions, duplications or human errors.

Increase operational efficiency

Your employees can better spend their time carrying our high-value work when not burdened with manual processes.

Make mussion critical decisions in real-time

By creating one source of truth, your syteline becomes more powerful for decision-making, giving management the opportunity to leverage that vast amount of data for growth, scalability, and expansion!