In today’s economy, if you don’t have an ERP system integration, your company will face numerous challenges that could prevent you from competing. But why compete when you can exceed!?

Here’s how you can do just that.

Data silos aren’t the most effective business setups but over the years, company applications become spread out over different systems, solutions and even locations. Legacy systems might be on-premise, while newer applications live in cloud. This leads to manual input, redundancy, and inaccurate data. Not the best scenario for make mission critical decisions in the spur of the moment.

Today your company must manually transfer data between your CRM, your e-commerce solution, etc., and your ERP. This burden is more than can be managed by your employees, which decreases operational efficiency. The workforce could better spend their time carrying out high-value work if they weren’t burdened with this manual process.

Furthermore, humans make mistakes.  Data can be fat-fingered upon input into multiple solutions.  One transposed number could cause tremendous issues.

So how does a lack of real-time and accurate data adversely impact long term processes and decision-making? Let’s take a shallow look at this rabbit hole.

Disconnected systems within your company can create delays in information exchange. For instance, a new customer order could result in inventory not being available or shipping of the wrong product due to the human element and being processed manually. This not only affects manufacturing, but further down the line, it impacts accounting, who won’t be able to send an invoice or book revenue.

You can avoid complications such as these with strategic integration initiatives. Point-to-point integration no longer works because it requires alterations and even replacement as your systems grow.

Many-to-one integrations using the HubKor™ connector bring all your systems together in one interface, your SyteLine ERP, making data analysis easier, faster, more accurate.  By creating one source of truth, your SyteLine ERP becomes more powerful for decision-making, giving management the opportunity to leverage that vast amount of data for growth, scalability, and expansion. Your employees are more productive, and your customers are happier.

And, for your customers, they can see the information and statuses they need for reassurance that they’ve made the right purchasing decision. Two WINS right there!