In the dynamic world of enterprise resource planning (ERP), the quest for more efficient, accessible, and integrated data solutions is never-ending. As businesses increasingly migrate their operations to the cloud, the challenge of harnessing critical operational data in real-time becomes more pronounced. Enter HubData®, a pioneering tool that promises to revolutionize the way businesses access and utilize their ERP data. In this blog post, we explore a powerful testimonial from Ekso Bionics, shedding light on the transformative impact HubData® has had on their operations. 

Game-Changing Data Access 

For companies entrenched in the SyteLine cloud databases, HubData® emerges not just as a solution but as a game-changer. By facilitating the extraction of data from the cloud and seamlessly integrating it into a SQL database within MS Azure, HubData® mimics the accessibility of on-premise databases, but with the added benefits of cloud computing. Gabriel G. from Ekso Bionics puts it succinctly, “HubData® has been absolutely game-changing to say the least! We now have access to a lot of the back-end Infor data that we wouldn’t otherwise have access to.” 

Transforming Time Management and Business Insights 

The implementation of HubData® significantly streamlines operations that traditionally consumed excessive time and resources. Gabriel highlights the newfound efficiency, stating, “Instead of having to spend 20-30 hours a week rolling forward files, adding new products, or whatever it might be, now I can go to Data Rails, click refresh when our data is consolidated and BOOM, there’s our P & L’s, views of the business, live revenue.” This monumental time saving translates into more opportunities for strategic business growth and achieving organizational goals. 

Real-Time Data for Real-Time Decisions 

One of the standout features of HubData® is its ability to provide real-time data access. This capability is crucial for executive leadership, offering pivotal information at their fingertips. “Key pivotal information that our executive’s leadership needs, we are now able to provide in REAL TIME views of our information which is incredibly valuable. Instead of it taking me two weeks after I close the books to roll up information,” Gabriel notes. This immediate data access is transformative, enabling more agile decision-making and responsiveness to market dynamics. 

Bridging the Connectivity Gap 

HubData® does more than just streamline data access; it enhances the connectivity of ERP systems, thereby unlocking their full potential. “HubData® is awesome and helped bridge the gap we needed. An ERP is good, but ultimately its connectivity to other things is what I think makes it really powerful,” Gabriel asserts. This improved connectivity fosters a more integrated and efficient data ecosystem, from accessing live foreign exchange rates for international transactions to building tailored financial tools quickly and effectively. 

A Future of Endless Possibilities 

The partnership with the HubKor Team enabled Ekso Bionics to leverage HubData® to its full potential, creating specialized tables and financial tools that streamline their operations. “With the HubKor Team, we were able to build some really cool tables, build Trial Balances & different things because we were able to pull information out of the system so that we could summarize it in very succinct ways so that we could get our financial tool up and running relatively quickly.” 

The HubData® Advantage 

As this testimonial from Ekso Bionics vividly illustrates, HubData® stands at the forefront of ERP data management solutions, offering unparalleled access, efficiency, and connectivity. Its ability to transform the way businesses access and utilize data marks a significant leap forward in the ERP domain. Imagine the possibilities it could unlock for your business. Let’s explore the potential of HubData® together and redefine the future of business operations.